We believe that when you understand the world more clearly, you treat it more consciously.

The exhibits are designed to be robust and to last a long time. Because we offer As-a-Service, we take full responsibility. At the end of the rental period, the exhibit is taken back and, after careful maintenance, is ready for use again. At the end of its service life, the materials are reused or returned to our suppliers’ production process. This is how we ensure that the circular chain is kept closed.

Not only through our circular exhibits, but also as a producer, we want to leave the world behind in good condition for the next generation. For instance, we have renovated our historic building (De Ploeg, a national monument, designed by architect Gerrit Rietveld) in a fully sustainable manner and have adopted the following practices:

  • We use an advanced LED lighting system with daylight control for optimum use of daylight.
  • We have 680 solar panels, which generate two-thirds of the energy required. The additional electricity that is needed is certified green.
  • The vehicle fleet is equipped as much as possible with electric/hybrid technology and is recharged via our solar panels.
  • Hardware, machines, equipment and lighting not in use are automatically switched off.
  • We reuse heat through our heat recovery ventilation system.
  • Our office is air-conditioned by means of a VRF heat pump system.
  • Our manufacturing equipment and machines are maintained in a preventive and innovative way.

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