Tornado - 08.09

This exhibit explains what a tornado is. Visitors see how a tornado appears. They can use their hands to disturb the air vortex.

This time you can be a weather god and create a vortex resembling a tornado. A tornado may develop when rising currents of warm moist air underneath a thunderstorm create strong winds. As this air rises the winds may start to rotate, and if this rotation is strong enough a tornado forms. Although you may not encounter tornados regularly —most occur in the United States— you can find other vortexes daily. Think about the water drawn down the plughole of your sink when you finished dishwashing. This is a vortex as well, albeit not with the same devastating effects a violent tornado can have.

  1. Push the start button.
  2. See what happens.
  3. Use your hands to disturb the air vortex.

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