Oil Tanker - 08.01

In this exhibit, visitors experience how an oil tanker has to be loaded, in order to avoid that the tanker breaks or sinks.

Throughout the last decades, oil has become a determining energy source. However, the production and transport of oil is both dangerous and time consuming, since mistakes can lead to terrible nature catastrophes. It is therefore crucial that these kinds of activities are carried out very carefully. Apart from pipeline transport, supertankers are the only method for transporting large quantities of oil. The tankers designed to transport crude oil can way over several hundred thousand tons. In the last decades this way of transporting oil has lead to large environmental disasters. Therefore, it is important that these constructions are handled cautiously.

  1. Turn the handle to start filling the oil tanker.
  2. Pay attention to the warning lights, and adjust the loading.
  3. Stop the distribution when the bulk is full.
  4. Watch the indicators to see if the boat was successfully loaded, sank or broke.

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