Parallel Tasking - 03.08

Experience the challenge that the brain faces during multitasking: performing more than a single task at the same time. Try to minimize the number of pointers that will go into a ‘danger’ state. The pointers will move randomly into this ‘danger’ mode at various speeds. There is no regular pattern and the pointers will all move at the same time. The visitor controls the pointers via different operating methods: a knob, a wheel or a slide. With proper operation, the pointers will go into the ‘safe’ mode again.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do everything at the same time? Although some people can do more things at the same time, our brains do not normally work that way. Find out if you have the ability to perform parallel tasks simultaneously.

  1. Keep the pointers in the ‘safe’ mode.
  2. Adjust the pointers by using their controls.
  3. Press “start” to begin the experiment.
  4. The experiment is over when one of the pointers reaches the ‘danger’ mode.
  5. Look at the timer to see how long you succeeded in keeping the pointers ‘safe’.
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