Optical Magnifier 01.06

This exhibit illustrates how light is transferred from one end of a fiber to the other end. The visitor puts his hand on the small platform with optical fibers. The shadow of the visitor’s hand will be visible on the big platform. The grid of fibers of the big platform is twice the size of the small one, and thus the size of the shadow also. When you move the light to the other side you can reduce the size of the shadow.

Optical fibres are essential in our lives because they transfer light. A light is constantly refracted against the inner surface of the fibre. The light cannot break out of the fibre, and bents around corners. This is useful, because it enables us to transfer light se-quences, and thus information over great distances.

  1. Put your hand on the small platform.
  2. Press the button to sent light through the optical fibres.
  3. Watch the larger platform and check that the fibres that are not lit correspond with those covered by your hand.
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