Helicopter Flight - 02.04

Piloting a helicopter requires a great deal of training and skill, as well as continuous attention to the machine. In this exhibit visitors are asked to control the movement of the helicopter, by managing the main rotor on the helicopter’s roof.

The helicopter is an aircraft that is capable of flying upward. This is possible due to its blades that deflect air downward and create lift.
To provide force, the helicopter has another set of rotating wings called the tail rotor. These are attached to a long boom and produces thrust just like an airplane’s propel-ler does. In order to actually steer the machine, both the main rotor and the tail rotor need to be well controlled by the pilot.

  1. Hold the button to start the rotors of the helicopter.
  2. Use the joysticks to rotate the position of the main wings.
  3. Try to control the movement of the helicopter.

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