Harrier - 02.03

In this exhibit the visitor controls the movement of the airplane.

The key to the Harrier’s unique abilities lies in its engine. Essentially it has a conventional turbofan engine. However, the Harrier’s engine is different than the conventional aircraft, because it consist of four nozzles to vector the engine’s thrust. In the cockpit, next to the throttle, the pilot is provided with an additional lever that controls the angle of the nozzles and therefore the amount of jet lift imparted. By the selection of throttle and nozzle angle it is possible to fly the aircraft from 50 knots backwards to 600+ knots forward. It is important that all four nozzles move at the same time to ensure the stability of the aircraft.

  1. Press the start button.
  2. Control the directions of the nozzles with the joystick.
  3. See how the direction of the nozzles influences the direction of the flight.
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