Cycle Plane - 02.02

The propeller in this exhibit is driven by human force. The pedals inside this plane’s cockpit make the blades rotate.

An essential part of an airplane is the propeller and its blades. The propeller provides the thrust necessary to move an airplane forward. The blades used in airplanes are really special, spinning wings, shaped as an airfoil at an angle of attack. The angle of attack changes along the length of the propeller; the angle is greater toward the center because the speed of the propeller through the air is slower close to the hub. Many larger propeller aircraft have more elaborate three-blade or four-blade props with ad-justable pitch mechanisms. These mechanisms let the pilot adjust the propeller’s angle of attack depending on air speed and altitude.

  1. Climb in the airplane.
  2. Start pedalling.
  3. Make the plane move as fast as you can.
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