Our vision

“ We believe that when you understand the world more clearly, you treat it more consciously "

With our do-exhibits, the younger generation gets to learn, experience and discover the answer to the ‘why’ question in a playful setting.

Whether consciously or unconsciously, we deal with scientific phenomena and technologies; we get on a plane, in autumn the leaves fall from the trees, and we see a hot air balloon soaring through the skies. What we see and experience around us feels pretty normal, but what if we were to discover and explore the world around us? The innate curiosity in us invariably leads to the time-honoured ‘why’ question.

We are located in the former weaving De Ploeg designed by architect Gerrit Rietveld. The factory is surrounded by the nature of the beautiful Ploegpark, designed by landscape architect Mien Ruys. In the Exhibits.nl science centre located in our entrance hall you can try out and experience a number of exhibits yourself. Feel free to come and visit between 10am and 4pm or make an appointment via the contact form for another time.

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National Monument De Ploeg
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